Career Coaching

Do you:

  • feel restless for a change but unsure where to start?
  • need to enhance your self confidence and your presentation skills?
  • want to come back to work after a period looking after children?
  • feel stuck after having been made redundant?
  • feel your work-life balance has got out of proportion?

If you are going to spend up to 8 hours a day or more at your job, it is worth while taking some time to work out what will be best for you!

As well as looking at your strengths and achievements, we will examine your fundamental values in life. It is crucial for your overall wellbeing, both as an individual and in your relationships, that you act in harmony with these.

In a confidential and professional setting, I will help you to clarify the issues, set appropriate goals, test out different options and most importantly, TAKE ACTION!

For an initial free 15 minute consultation, please email me or ring me on 07796 698097.

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