Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching does not seek to mend irretrievably broken relationships but rather, to prevent that happening in the first place!

Whether with our partner, with children, with friends or at work most of us can benefit from learning how to:

  • Communicate our needs and opinions more effectively
  • Set appropriate and helpful boundaries
  • Distinguish when we can or when we can’t influence a situation
  • Become more confident in leadership roles and in team building
  • Understand and appreciate other people better
  • Enable ourselves and others to grow
  • Develop a greater intimacy with loved ones

I will help you to connect with your resourceful self, who can let go of unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour in order to make way for new ways of relating to others – and to yourself!

For an initial free 15 minute consultation, please email me or ring me on 07796 698097.

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